Exchange Adjustment

Dear All, I am in bad need of your help,regarding an urgent issue ; which is that when I exercised the normal periodic exhange adjustment for my foriegn vendors, & after several months I found that some transactions wasn’t passed to the General Ledger while it appears in a vendor accounts , could you please help me what is the reason for & how can I sovle it?

There are two tick boxes on the routine to adjust the currency in the profit and loss and balance sheet accounts. These need to be ticked I beleive. As for solving it you would need to run it again and see if it adjust for the difference or adjusts from the ledger. If not you would need to calculate the difference and journal it in. A lot of testing I guess.

Adam, thanks for your usual help, but, Please not that this is not A general ledger account Exchange rate Adjustment, I am Speaking about AP Module, when I Run account statement report for the intended vendor it shows the forex as transaction, while this forex doesn’t appear neither in Forex account nor in a summary account for those payable(GL accounts), do you have any more help. thanks