EXcess qty Received against PO


I have a problem in wharehouse receipt, sometimes we have to receive more qty than whe have enter in the purchase order (for exemple, we purshase a truck of one product 33000Kg but the vendor can’t send exactly le qty sometime we have less and sometimes we have more)

That client is not ready to amend the purchase order for excess qty everytime .

In nav we can’t receive more that we purchase do you have a solution for this problem?

Thanks in Advance

It’s actually a common issue in many industries, and I would love also to hear the 2009 answer to this question.

Back in the early days of NAV we just modified the PO, but that’s of course not the right way in the warehouse management days!

Thanks Erik,

That you have many years experience on Nav.
Instead of amend the PO . is there any solution about this .

Pleae share u r experience about this.