Excel Workbook language differ from current language


I import the excel data file in AX 2009 . But when i check in preview in Table setup it prompt error “Excel Workbook language differ from current language”.

But i declared language (#DEF) EN-US only, Excel data also contain english only.

I googled also but cant get proper solution

If any one knows please reply ASAP


What technique do you use to export data to Excel?

Hi Martin,

I used functional side not in coding side. In Adminstration module → Definition export/import → Definition group. error prompt in preview tab(before import usually i check this)

This issue is coming only for the latest excel file. if i try in other excel files it’s working fine(for same table).


Okay, I’ll move your question from the Developer forum to the End User forum.

What’s the language of your Office?

MS 2007.

Thanks martin