Excel spreadsheets

Hello everybody,

Please, I need your help!!
I have Dynamics AX 2009 roll up 5 and I am using Windows 7.
I’m trying to export to an Excel table Cutomize through the wizard model but the system returns me the following error message: Current user does not have sufficient file access. Export canceled.

Note: I belong to the Administrators group of the AX.

What should i do?

Thanks a lot!


Could you please give me the scenario which you have encountered this problem. Then I will get a chance to test this issue locally and conform me exporting is done by local machine or to other machine through network.

I have seen previously there are multiple issues relating exporting to excel.

I believe below link helps you to trouble shoot this issues:


Can you check few things like:

It is happening for all users?

I understood you are in admin group. Please confirm me you are the adim user?

Are you member in other groups or only in Admin group? If yes remove from other groups and stay in admin group and check the issues.

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Hi Krishna,

Thank you for your help.
The problem was solved!
For some reason the screen where you choose the workbook to add the templates was not saving the path.

If you need something, tell me.