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I Need to create a NAV Report that does the following.

Step 1. Shows all BALANCE SHEET Accounts and BALANCE AT Figures

Step 2 Shows all General Ledger entries.

How would you go about this given that I have a report that does step 2.

Thank you in advance.


You can put filter in Chart of Accounts on Income/Balance and filter for Balance Sheet and put a date filter till which date balance is required. and copy/export to excel.

You will get the report.

Yes I understand thank you but the following is true / needs to take place.

The Spreadsheet needs to detail separately Balance Sheet and Income Statement Accounts / transactions as follows:

Balance Sheet Accounts

Account No Balance At Date

XXXX xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Income Statement

Various G/L Entry Detail----------------------------------------------------

Can I incorporate detail from the G/L Card and G/L entry table in such a way using Excel export.

Hope this makes sense.


You mean to say the report should contain the Account No followed by the transactions .

You need to customize the report or you need to pick up entries manually from system and paste it in excel.

  1. Create a query like:
    WHERE ((([COMPANYNAME$G_L Entry].[Posting Date])<=#DATE#)) AND ((([COMPANYNAME$G_L Entry].[Source Code])<>‘Close Income Statement’));
    You may need a CCur formula to get the right format for the Amount data. The Close Income Statement may have a different name as specified in COMPANYNAME$Source Code Setup.
  2. Insert it as a Pivot table to your Excel (Data>From Access). Set G_L Account No_ as a row label and Amount or its modified format as value.
  3. Double click its bottom right corner (total of totals) to get the full list of GL entries.


This can be achieved by Detail Trail Balance Report(Standard Report- Id =4) by applying the filter

Income/Balance field = Balance Sheet.

It will show the account details as well as GL entries of that account.


Bheem Singh