excel report

i want to creater an excel report n created the fields for ex login info of an employee in a company my doubt is for validating the employees of that company shall we have to give coding in c/al or we hav to give the values in excel

Do you want to import data from excel or export?

sry i dont know that u r telling to import the data into that partikular report r8??

What do you mean by excel report?

Do you want to export data from navision table to excel or

Import data from excel to navision table?

your statement is not that clear…

Three possibilities:

  1. if you need to create excel file for the staff details, you can create manually.

  2. You can also copy the fields from the staff tables in the navision to excel manually.

  3. You can export the staff details from the navision directly to excel. (ie, you do not have to open excel and enter or copy the staff details manually.)

What exactly you are trying ?


after creating manually how can we import that excel shhet into the destination report

Can you please let us know what exactly is your requirement?

When you say manual entry? is it into navision table or excel?

my requirement is to create an excel report for a n staff it should display in excel report while running that report

its not table its excel

Do you have data in any table of navision?


Then from where do you get it and show it in excel?

I suggest you to re check the requirement and let us know clearly…