Excel Personal Macro Workbook

I’m exporting data from Navision to Excel in the same way as it is done in g/l budget export. The problem is that Excel macros stored in personal macro workbook are not available for user after export. If I would save created by export procedure workbook, then close Excel, then open the workbook again, in that case macros are available. What should I do to make the macros available for user directly after export (without making the user save, close and then open the workbook again)? Thank you very much in advance.

Hi I just tried it manually. If you export data to Excel and then open the personal.xls the macros are available. So I guess (not tested!) a Workbook.Open(‘YourPath\personal.xls’) should solve the problem. bye André

Yes, it works. Thank you very much. I added to function CreateBook() (located in Excel Buffer table) the following lines: ExcelStartupPath := XlApplication.StartupPath; IF EXISTS(STRSUBSTNO('%1\personal.xls',ExcelStartupPath)) THEN XlApplication.Workbooks._Open(STRSUBSTNO('%1\personal.xls',ExcelStartupPath)); where ExcelStartupPath - text varable and now everything works fine!