Excel only allows upto 65000 rows error resolved in NAV 2013

When you run Analysis by dimension report & try to export the data in excel using the standard function & if the data is very large you get the error.

Error Message:- “There are 65000 rows within the filter. Excel only allows up to 65000 rows”.

Now the error has been resolved from NAV 2013 onwards. Now when you use the standard function of export to excel via analysis by dimension report, NAV now checks for the excel version is not less than Ver 12 and No. of Rows is greater than 65000.

Hi Manish,

This error has nothing to do with Dynamics NAV. It’s because you are using a version of Microsoft Excel prior to Excel 2010 - before this version only 65000 lines were allowed.

yes erik that right, have already mentioned in my post.

Hi Erik,

I am using sql server 2012 and excel 2010 after that i am facing error like…‘An error occurred during local report processing.Excel Rendering Extension: Number of rows exceeds the maximum possible rows per sheet in this format; Rows Requested: 68000, Max Rows: 65536’