Excel Once Again

Hello there ! First of all : I read every excel posting in this forum :wink: But there´s still one Problem I can´t solve : Is there any kind of document which gives me the declarations used within Navision ? e.g.: I use xlrange := xlsheet.Range(‘A2’,‘E2’); xlrange.Borders.LineStyle(7); to format cells A2 to E2 with an border(linestyle). ‘7’ gives me a border which looks like ‘___’. So, I thought there would be some logic within the system and I tried different number. I get different results so, but not the kind of style I need. So this kind of ends in try & error. What would really be great would be a document which tells me how to use excel. e.g. to change the BorderStyle from default (outline / square) to a simple underline. I looked up VBA but that didn´t really help. Thanx, Christian

Christian, If you start Visual Basic Editor and then press F2 to go to Object Browser search for XlLineStyle you will see the values that are allowed. That pretty much works for any other set of options. Hope that helped Regards, Cristi

LineStyle Property Applies To Border object. Description Returns or sets the line style for the border. Can be one of the following XlLineStyle constants: xlContinuous, xlDash, xlDashDot, xlDashDotDot, xlDot, xlDouble, xlSlantDashDot, or xlLineStyleNone. Read/write Long. Example This example puts a border around the chart area and the plot area. With myChart .ChartArea.Border.LineStyle = xlDashDot With .PlotArea.Border .LineStyle = xlDashDotDot .Weight = xlThick End With End With This only really works if you are writing your own OCX in VB. Hope it helps someone, somewhere… Edited by - StoneRose on 2002 Jul 26 09:34:08