Excel.Interop - manipulating cell values in a range


I am looking into exporting NAV data into a specific format in Excel. I have the following sample code:

FileName := 'C:\Book1.xlsx';

XlApp := XlApp.ApplicationClass;

XlWrkBk := XlApp.Workbooks.Open(FileName,0,TRUE,5,'','',TRUE,2,'\t',FALSE,FALSE,0,TRUE,1,0);

XlWrkSht := XlWrkBk.Sheets.Item(1);

XlRange := XlWrkSht.Range('A1','A10');

I wanted to loop through and write data in the cells in the defined XlRange but I do not know the exact syntax for using cells. At the moment I can do the following:

XlRange := XlWrkSht.Range('A1','A1');

XlRange.Value2 := 'HELLO WORLD';

This would mean though that I would have to create range each time I change a cell. I was thinking of doing something like:

XlRange.Cells(1,1).Value2 := 'HELLO ME';

But it does not recognize the cell coordinates, rather it throws an error that CELLS does no exact more than 0 parameters.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hi, have you tried XlWrkSht.Range(‘A1’,‘A1’).Value2 := ‘HELLO ME’;

You have here one function that you can use to loop into cells