Excel Integration

Hi! I’m new in Navision and I have a some problem. I need to send data from (amount columns in Customer Table) to Excel, but I don’t know. Does anyone can help me? (With some example of code) Thanks so much!!!

On Navision: Ctrl-A Ctrl-C on Excel Ctrl-V If you’re needing an automation, search on this forum for automation excel and you’ll find some code. Regards,

BTW… you can always get data from Excel using ODBC if your license allows you to… it’s a really easy way.

I think this forum is full of samples and tips&tricks for data exchange with Excel. Just search the forum [;)]

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On Navision: Ctrl-A Ctrl-C on Excel Ctrl-V …

That’s the way how programming in Navision works.[:D][:D] (But you are right. That’s the easiest way to get data in Excel.) bye André

This should be used in End-User forum not in here [:p]

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