Excel Automation & Documentation

Hello ppl.
This might not be a proper subofurm for thread so, “I’m sorry” in advance…

I’m having trouble to find documentation for Office COM (automation objects). For a lot of things that I want to make in navision (regarding office automations) I’m finding VBA documentation and than trying to port that to COM but sometimes I cann’t figure it out how to do it.
So, what do you use for developer documentation when developing office automations?

I’m having trouble to make a checkbox in Excel (actually I did make it but in wrong way, apparently cause I can change only few properties of it but (f.e) I can’t change a Name nor label…

I’ve found that recording a Macro of doing the action in excel then trying to transpose the VBA into Navision has worked in the past.

I think the Excel COM Api is in the office install somewhere though.

If only C/Side had intelli-sense…

I must say that I already been there… I found excel Com and created checkbox with OLEObject object but I can’t change some properties (Caption) with it. On web I found that with OLEObject you can create activeX checkbox (like when in excel you create checkbox from control toolbar, not forms toolbar). And I do create checkbox and link it to cell but have no options to change Caption and that is not suitable solution for me…

I found Microsoft Forms 2.0 Checkbox but it’s OCX and can’t do anything with it. I can’t apply nothing to it, can’t create it… don’t know what to do with that ocx.

Macro didn’t helped me too, unfortunatly…

I’m sorry, but I’m finding it hard to understand what you’re trying to achieve.

In Navision you are trying to ‘automate’ Microsoft Excel functionality … is this correct?

If it’s documentation that you are requiring, have you tried the MSDN library and specifically searching for Excel (and DOM - to show all objects methods and properties).

I have to requests/questions.

Request #1:

From Navision to make Excel file with Navision data and, every row of data must have a check box (with custom or without any caption) that is linked to a field that says true/false.
So far I managed all except to manage captions on those checkboxes…

Request #2:

To find appropriate documentation on dom/com that is fully or close enough applicable to what Navision see. I found a lot of Office COM/ActiveX documentation but there’s lot of objects/methods/properties that can’t be used from within Navision (I don’t know why but…)

You just have to create ActiveX objects, OCX programs can be used without creation.

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Yes, but this one doesn’t have any methods… Just a bunch of properties and I’m not sure how to reference it to my specific checkbox or how to create checkbox through it.

Re: Request #2

From my experience with ‘automating’ applications from Navision (Excel and Word in particular), the MSDN DOM documentation is ONLY a guideline. Don’t expect it to explain fully how to code it in Navision! [;)]

As a programmer you have to ‘equate’ the VB or C# examples into Navision code.

Sorry I can’t help any further. Let us know once you’ve solved the problem (if you do) [:O]

Yes, indeed, it seems that I was searching for something that does not exists (except, porting of VB code => documentation for VB/VBA).

My solution, at the end, was to create activeX checkbox (through excel automations and OLEObject) with sizing checkboxes to size of chechbox only. With that, I actually hide checkbox name for which I didn’t find a way to change it. I managed to link that checkbox(es) to certain cell(s) and got a descent solution.

Thanx guys.

PM me your email address and I can send you a report example that I use as reference for creating all of my Excel export routines. This report is object 50099 in my database so be careful when you import… It comes with no support…


The navision CD install manual directory has the developer guide. It also has examples how to OLE Excel and Word Automation.
Try the basic examples to see if they work.

Then open Excel and do the Macro. Find the same SYNTAX to memic Navision.

By the way. Object Designer, Global that you will use shows teh Automation Sever and Available Classes. Then go to the CAL/Symbol Menu and see the avialable functions that Microsoft offers.

Let new things, Next try creating charts, running macro’s, etc.