Excel Automation Documentation

I am new to Navision, been working with it less than three months, and need to start working with Excel 11.0 Automation Server. I’ve searched forums and support sites and have found some code, mostly for VB, but can’t find any documentation. I have even looked in the VB Script of MS Excel, as I read there was help files in there, but I couldn’t find anything. Is there somewhere I can go to find the ussage and syntax for Excel Automation?

I developed Excel Automation few weeks ago and found nothing too, better you can do is to declare objects and go throw C/AL Symbol Menu to check every object’s function. Trust me, it’s not complicated [;)]

I’ve done that some, was hoping there was an easier way, but if not I’ll have to keep playing around with it. Thanks for the response.

I do this two ways.

One is you can use the online help for VB in excel.

But an easier way is just to craete a macro in Excel, and then you will see allthe commands that you need.