Excel automation and footer

I have an Excel automation routine that is working well thanks to the efforts of this group, but I was not able to find out how you can automate the changing of either the header or footer fonts. When I run it in Excel via recording a macro, it gives me code like this: .LeftFooter = “&”“Arial,Black”“Text” When I put this in to Navision (replacing the " with ’ of course), it completes without an error, but it actually puts the font name in the footer. Can the font be changed through automation?

Did you replace all of the ", or only the outer ones? I assume you should leave the double “” as they are.

Thanks for the suggestion. I originally had replaced all of the " with ', but this time I only changed the outer ", but still no luck.

Hy Torolf If you use “format-characters” like this way it should work: ESheet.PageSetup.LeftHeader := ‘&F&12Hitex GmbH’; //&F&12 = Bold (German ett maybe B for Bold in USA) and Size 12 ESheet.PageSetup.CenterHeader := ‘&F&12Price List’; ESheet.PageSetup.RightHeader := ‘&[Seite]’; //Seite = German “Page” Sometimes the format characters &… are show as characters, so you have to click in the header an leave it. Bye(Stefan);