Excel-Addin with AX 2012 help

Hi, I am trying to set up the Excel to import item data into AX 2012. I am able to retrieve the data. However, the update section in the excel is greyed out for me. I activated all default AIF services and also checked. What am I missing here. Appreciate your help. Thank you




Hello I am wondering if anyone could help us with this issue? it seems odd that Microsoft excel doesn’t allow us to insert/update the data. I clicked on ‘field chooser’ again in order to enable the ‘data publish’ but no luck. Anyone could point out to us what would be the cause of this issue? Does it work with Office 2010 plus?

Close the field chooser :slight_smile:

This disables access to publish.


Hello Silva, yes I closed the ‘field chooser’ by clicking on it again (the picture was taken before I close the field chooser). When I click, the fields will display and when I click it again, the fields will disappear . But no matter what I do, the publish data is greyed out. I wonder what the problem is

Here is the data source types. any help in troubleshooting this is greatly appreciated