Exam question that bothered me

Hi all,

I just wrote and passed the 40-221 exam. There was one question that really bothered me. The questions was something like: Which one of the following data types could be used as a total in a report footer? The options were Integer, BigInteger, Number, and Decimal. I chose Decimal. But in reality, except for the invalid Number data type, any of these options is viable. The question was not phrased “…could NOT be used…” or else I would have chose Number. What would you have chosen?

I guess there is one important part missing in the question: “when using the TotalFields property in the dataitem…” - and that must be decimal. At least it’s not mentioned in help, but when you try to execute a report with a field different than decimal in that property it will raise an error.

Of course you can sum any “number” data type within the triggers by code…


That explains it then. Thanks Nils.