Hi, Can you say me what are exactly the content of the developpement exam (i already learnt design 3.60 and Developpement 3.60 …) and above all WHERE FINDING IT !!! [:)] For example, someone spoke me about the C/AL GUIDE but i find it nowhere [:(] Thanks

Dear Ben69, According to MBS, the following topics are required for the Development Exam… 1)Advanced Programming Object oriented programming techniques - the record type variable in C/AL - the built in record methods (functions) - creating and using your own record methods (functions) - using other object variables (forms, reports, dataports and codeunits) - using text constants - using the various Multilanguage properties in objects, fields, and controls - the standard Navision naming conventions for variable and function names - the usage of the built in database functions. Tables: Table and field triggers - the VALIDATE function - system variables used in table and field triggers - key groups - the standard Navision naming conventions for table and field names. Forms: Common form and control triggers - when to use form triggers vs. table triggers, and control triggers vs. field triggers - creation and modification of Trendscape forms and Matrix forms - the standard Navision naming conventions for forms and labels. Reports: Report, dataitem and section triggers - the special usage of the Integer table as a dataitem - the execution order of the various report, dataitem and section triggers - the usage and limitations of transfer totals and of grouping - common report specific built in functions the standard Navision report headers and the standard look for reports. Dataports: Dataport, dataitem and dataport field triggers - the special features of the dataport request form - system variables used within the dataport, dataitem, and dataport field triggers. Codeunits: The codeunit trigger. 2)Posting Routines & Data Conversion Writing a standard routine for posting from a journal to a ledger and calling it to post a single journal record - writing a standard routine for posting from a document with document lines - applying ledger entries to each other - protected objects, protected tables, and how to write to protected tables - how to improve performance in posting routines in a multiple user environment. The uses and limitations of dataports when importing data into Navision - the use of the file variable type, and its methods, to export data - keeping data internally consistent when importing it from outside applications. Codeunits: Creating and modifying a codeunit - codeunit properties. 3)Object Analysis & Development Methodology The C/SIDE debugger, with and without breakpoints - examining data within the C/SIDE debugger - the usage of the code coverage tool, text editors and the text version of Navision application objects - using Impuls Workbench to analyze objects and how to find out where a field or a function is used. Using documentation triggers when modifying standard objects - documenting using comments, documentation triggers, project logs, and change logs - the use of design specifications - the basic elements in a design specification. The basic components of Navision’s standard Implementation Methodology - the standard roles - the solution developer’s role - the various documents used to communicate between customer, solution developer, and the other roles - the techniques used when dividing a project among multiple programmers - creating a base product on which to develop - the use of the modification flag and the version list - how to deliver a modification project to a customer and how to install it on the customer’s site - quality assurance techniques. 4)Developing Navision Database access techniques (transactions, optimistic concurrency, and table locking, in both the Navision Server and the Microsoft SQL Server options.) #8211; how the selection of filters and keys can affect performance - how filters and keys are used when calculating FlowFields and sumindex fields - standard use of posting groups, number series and the navigate document feature - special considerations when modifying standard objects - installing minor improvements on a customer site, which has customizations - prepare and installing major releases on a customer site, which has customizations. The standard features of Navision#8217;s on-line help - how to add on-line for a customized application - modifying on-line help. You should be able to get more info on the development exam through your local MBS branch, while if I’m not mistaken, I believe Microsoft changed her policy as far as training materials for its certification exams are concerned, and from now on, we have to pay in order to receive the appropriate documents for studying, whether you are an MBS partner or not [:(!] Hope I helped a bit mate [:D] Regards

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Thank you VERY VERY MUCH [:D] Zacharias you gave me an extremly precious, detailled and exhaustive information [;)] However, i don’t unserstand why i didn’t find these informations on the partner guide web site. We are a Navision Solution Center we never got a so good information on the developpement exam’s contents [:(] … surprising no ? Is there a reason or did i not find the good url ? Best regards

Actually, I got hold of this details through partnersource… …If you search a little thoroughly this User Group, you will find quite a few hints on topics and issues that you will most probably come across the Development Exam…my problem with it, was that I got hold of all this info after I have already passed this exam [Duh!] Life sometimes sucks…but what can U do [:D] Good luck with the exam Ben

To find the documents you need to go into Navisions FTP site. I had to go through a lot of documents (PDF) until I found the one’s that will actually assisted me on the Exam. Believe it or not. Some of the course manuals from 3.70a (40%). Some were in the 3.01 Course (40%). Some were coding techniques (20%). What the other person had in detail is a good high level. But, you really need to get those documents that I mentioned to study and read from. Here’s another cool tip. Use ADOBE 6.01 or 7.0 and have the system read the PDF document to use. It’s now built into the software (Wow). Also It can Scroll line by line down while you read (1 sec per line or so) without you using the mouse or keyboard, it does it by itself (Wow). You can control the speed with the UP/Down arrow. And it’s included in the free version of Adobe reader only!. G. (Get those PDF document it helps a lot! Similar qtns" Hint Hint)

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