Exam Code

Hi Experts,

I am willing to give certification exam for C/AL developer. Please tell me the Exam code for Developer(IT Prof.) and also tell me about the number of exam i have to give to become a Certified C/AL developer.


Gaurav Sharma

Hello Gaurav and Welcome to Dynamics User Group,

Exam Code is: MB7-840: NAV 2009 C/SIDE Introduction

For more information read following link:


There is one more relevant exam: MB7-841: NAV 2009 C/SIDE Solution Development



Hi Dhan Raj Bansal

Thanks for your kind information.

but actually i want to do Nav5 Certification.

Are both of these are same and which one is beneficial for me for getting job easily .


Gaurav Sharma

No, these are not same. There are significant changes in NA2009, and it is always advisable to do the certification in latest version.

Since how long are you working in NAV?


Thanks for yr advise.

i m working with Nav since 2 years as a functional consultant. But now i am willing to go for C/Al Development. That’s why i wanna do certification.

Till now i did not do any Nav Certification.

Please advise me for the best option.


Gaurav Sharma