exact cost of that item

I have two Items A, B.A, B are raw material . When I send these items to subcontractor , then he will do some process on that prepare C. what my query is when purchase A, B automatically the fields Average , Unit cost, Last Direct cost will get values in Item card. That means I need not to enter manually.

But what about My item C. How this item will get the cost Average , unit cost, Last direct cost.

When I receive this item from subcontractor how to fix this item cost . how to fill those values in Item card . Do I need to enter manually. Please let me know the process.

What I have to do to know the exact cost of that item ?

Please share u r valuable experience.

Thanks and regards

You need to use a production order in order to have the cost of C including raw material costs and subcontractor costs.

How are you managing the sucontractor order?

Using Manufacturing area it will solve your problem.