EventSubscriber to AfterValidate of Filed is not triggered when editin table directly

As written in the title, I added a field in the item table and published its “OnAfter Validate” event. I subscribed to this event in another Codeunit where I do several syntax checks.

When entering data through the item card page everything works well but when I enter data trough direct execution of table from object designer the event isn’t fired. Normal OnValidate code is working well.

I often use this possibility to enter manipulate data during development. Is there some constraint for events I did not know?

Sorry for the spelling mistakes in title. How can I edit a post?

Hi PDuck,

As far as I remember (didn’t recheck) then it should work generally. What when you run the code using VALIDATE(Field)?

Also which version? NAV 2016 RTM?
Did you run it with the debugger? And is it just skipping.

THank you for fast reply. Some deeper investigation I found that Skip for Permission / License was the issue. I am stil not sure why it worked for Pages and VALIDATE in Import-Report and not for direct opening but after restart of DB Service it worked for all in the same way. I also changed it now to Error.

The only thing I can think it might have been, is that the event somehow was not “active” when running it from the development environment.