Events on Axapta controls

Hi, does anyone have a source where I could find what events (e.g. clicked) are available for the different Axapta controls (e.g. Grid, Edit boxes, etc.) and when they are fired? At the moment, I’m looking for an event on the Grid that will be fired after the active row in the grid is changed. The goal is to “adjust” the business logic/rules on the Form based on the information of the selected record. I already have the methods that adjust the logic, but I want to call them every time the user changes a row. Thanks for the help.

To find what events you can override for given control, locate it in Design part of AOT node for your form. Open it’s node, and right click on node Methods. Select option “Override method” and you will get a list of methods you can override. I don’t know where information about when each of events is fired can be found. I know for some that are intuitive. If you find some documentation about this please post here.

Basic information about methods/events on forms, reports and tables (but no controls) you can find in the standard help (MS Navison Axapta Developer’s Guide ) that comes with Axapta. Interesting topics there are: - Events on forms - Events on reports - Using methods in your tables If someone is interested in these topics and cannot find the information, I could post a summary in the forum.

And in your specific case you should probably use the Active method of the datasource

Hello Ivan, When is the Active method executed? I found a method called cursorNotify on the data source that is called every time the data source is called (I hope) - this means by changing from one record to another, by creating new records, by saving changes, etc. So far it does the job but I have two problems: - I don’t know what the different Events are - and what this method exactly does As a newbie in Axapta, I must say that I get a lot of stuff done relatively quick, but in most cases, I have no idea why it works … this is much worse then not knowing why it doesn’t work.

The Active method is called every time the record in the datasource is change - same thing from your side as in when you move to a different record in the form and the new record becomes “active” But you are saying you need it called right after we leave the record. and you need info from the previous record. Well, there are methods on the datasource like LEAVE and even better LEAVERECORD And if nothing at all works, you can simply overload the WRITE method and do everything you need even before the changes are made to the DB