Event: OnBeforeInsertEvent not called: Per design?


Whenever a user inserts a new G/L Account, then I need NAV to automatically “calculate” the new account no. - not using the number series, but selecting the next number in the “group”. But this is really not important to know for my actual issue.

Because right now, if a user press “New” then if the “No.” is empty, then it doesn’t trigger the event.

The OnBeforeInsertEvent is only called when if the user already entered a “No.” before pressing enter to insert.

My question here is really, if this is “per design” of if this could be an error?

It seems to be a design one.
In this case, I would be using OnNewRecord trigger of the page 17.

Hi Mohana,
Yes that’s also what I ended during (use OnNewRecord), but I still think that if it’s “per design”, then its a bad design!

I cant see why it should only be called if the user had already entered something or not.

It seems to be because NAV is checking field property “Not Blank” first before the events and throwing error (in my case) is it same in your case also?
I removed not blank property and working fine with onbeforeinsert trigger.

Hi Mohana,
Thanks for the tip about the blank property. Will try that if I need the OnBeforeInsertEvent again… [:)]