Event in my code block! Does the compiler wait till the event is done then continue compiling my code?

Lets say i have a Block of code as flow

…Some code…

…Some Code…

…Event_Publisher is called(Rec)… //Give Rec to a subscriber (By Value) and it will change the rec

…Code waiting for the subscribers result… //Now here would Navision wait till event is completely done before its continue?.

…Some Code…

The reason why I am asking is that I want to make sure that when I Publish and event Navision will wait till this even is completed then it will continue? is this true?

It will work! the compiler will wait till the event subscribers are completely finished (Keep in mind that the if you have more than one Subscribers that they will be executed in an undefined order) and then it will continue with compiling the rest of the code.
I have test it my self + I received a conformation from waldo :=)

Link: community.dynamics.com/.../117.hooks-pattern