Euro Conversion Tool

Hi everyone, This is a longshot but worth a try. Do you know if there is such a tool to convert a database in a local currency to another local currency. I know it sounds confusing but I think you would have used that to convert a db in say French Francs to a db in Euro once the Euro had been introduced. Does anyone know what I am talking about? Cristi

Yeap the tool you are searching for is called Euro Conversion Tool ! But I have never tried to use it for something else than Euro conversion. So you might need to change it. For what Navision Version would you need it ?

Hi Thomas, Isn’t the mantra of Navision “you might need to change it” ? [;)] I would like the 3.70 version if you have it (if not the most recent you have will do). My email address is Thanks, Cristi

The most recent I currently have is 2.60 but in German only [V] I requested to get the latest from MS. I will forward it to you as soon as I have it. regards