Euro 2004

I’m surprised there’s been no topics on Euro 2004 so far. To kick it off (pardon the pun) I still think England will get through to the later stages. The 3 best teams so far (based on performance not results)are Spain, England and Sweden. Anybody else with views ?

we look forward to todays match: germany : netherlands … but i have a bad feeling :frowning:


Originally posted by pduck
… but i have a bad feeling :frowning:

You should have a bad feeling. My tip: Germany : 0 Netherlands : 3

You shouldn’t feel bad. I think we should … (well what the … let us lose, saves me a lot of time …)

I don’t think that score is likely. Both teams are not verry confindent in winning the match. Think it will be a boring match. Both team may play very defensive.

I think Germany 1 Netherlands 1. It should be a tight game but the way the tournament is going it could be a 3 - 3 exciting game. Sweden may have opened the door for plenty of goals in future games.

Hi rchurchill, you were right[:D][:D][:D] Next time use money and you become rich[;)]

Hi Alberto, The minute I put money on something the prediction is a sure loser ! Tonights scores then: Greece 1 Spain 3 and Russia 1 Portugal 2 Hands up who thought Holland were just a little bit lucky last night !

Luck? neh! UK-france, thas was luck (for france that is)!

Hi Robin, if you are right also tonight, you will have to ask for royalties because everyone will put money based on your predictions[:D]

Loooking into my crystal ball - My prediction for the England vs France game is that England will most likely score first, defend well until around the 90th minute until Zidane will equalise from a curling free kick and then lo and behold Zidane will score again in injury time, probably from a penalty…I think I will go and put a wager on it now.

You have to update your WORKING DATE[:p]


Much as I hate to disagree with a colleague[:D] I can’t see Spain exerting themselves enough to score 3 so its Greece 0 Spain 1 Sorry but Portugal spend too much time playing against each other to defend so its Russia 2 Portugal 2

So this is the thread where I can hang my head in shame… [xx(][V][:(]

not today !

Nobody took the scores…[:0] Sorry Robin, no royalties[V]

Great result for Portugal. What a game Spain v Portugal will be on Sunday ! before that though is the small matter of England v Switzerland. Nothing short of a victory for England will do. For tonight I predict: England 2 Switzerland 0 and Croatia 0 France 3

England 5 Switzerland 0 (Rooney hat-trick) [;)]

Hope your right Mike. What’s the best French result for England if we win (sorry when we win) ? A French win ? That would leave us needing a decent result against Croatia (avoiding defeat).