etrieve data from a Navision 3.70 C/Side database

We want to retrieve data from a Navision 3.70 C/Side database using .NET. We managed to create a DSN and retrieve data from the Navision database by using Excel or MSQuery. When i try to read data from my .NET application using the same DSN i get an error: ERROR[IM001][Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager]Driver does not support this function .NET code (C#) ============= OdbcConnection conODBC = new OdbcConnection(“DSN=Sample C/ODBC 32 bit”); conODBC.Open(); DataTable dt=new DataTable(); OdbcDataAdapter da = new OdbcDataAdapter(“SELECT * FROM Klant”, conODBC); da.Fill(dt); ============================================================================ The first two lines successfully connect to the Navision database (which is specified in the DSN). The last two lines should retrieve data from the database but instead they give the error. Can anyone help?

Many of the table names are prefixed with the company name, try something like “SELECT * FROM Company”. When your happy with that, be more brave and do things like “SELECT * FROM [CRONUS UK Ltd.Item]”