ETO manufacturer / Job Cost Manufacturing Add on

Hi All,

I am looking for a very specific Dynamics Nav add on in the mechanical engineering industry. I would like to know if there are an add on for the engineering to order manufacturer / Job Costing -manufacturing integration in Nav.

Functionalities required are in one solution are;

  1. Estimating/Tendering on a project

  2. Management of off-cuts i.e stock item which can be reused and return to store. Same item code but could be using vairants.

  3. Time collection integration with the workshop floor via a Bar coding. employeeswill record their time against the job via a time collection solution which in turn is integrated with Nav Job costing or manufacturing.

  4. Allocation of overhead on projects based on amount or %

  5. Invoicing on job based on agreed billing scheduled or as per QS certification for job delivered.

I will appreciate if someone can advise on the above Nav Add on or else this means what I will have to develop it.

Version RTC.


Perhaps this would work?

Hope this helps!

Hi Gary

Did you end up finding a solution we are looking for something very similar that integrates into the NAV jobs module?