Estimation sheet in NAV

i have attached the sample Estimation sheet for reference. i need to prepare a template in Navision to update the effort automatically when we enter the complexity of each activity. Later on we can use this for other practices also. User should be in a position to Add / modify / delete the activities and its effort details.

(file removed after request from poster)



It’s nice, of course, that you provide the community with info what are you currently being assigned to do - but why? [:)]

You are not a newbie here anymore, you should know - nobody will do your job instead of you.

Or may I charge you my regular hourly fee? Then I will devote my time & effort to examine, what the Excel sheet you kindly shared, what is it all about, and what you expect as a result. But keep in mind, this one file will be not enough (yes I OPENED the attachment and tried to understand what are you asking for, you already owe me EUR 50), I’ll need more info about project and task you are assigned to, and preferably FRD package, too.


hi modris,

i have some ideas as to how to proceed ! but i just wanted to get information from others too. what kinda information do you want? i thought i will design it in matrix form. but 'm not very experienced with matrix form. thats why i decided that i will take others suggestion.


What I think should be a relatively simple modification a developer will tell me is very difficult for reasons x and y. Who is defining what is easy and hard in this case? If it is the developer, they will already have looked at the requirement and can give a better estimate than your four brackets - going this way will only cause you issues in my opinion. Ballpark figures should be ballpark based upon the requirement and a developers quick assessment - not on one of four categories picked.

Nice tabs…


you just published it on the internet![^o)]

I suggest you remove it before the higher up’s remove you.

… not to mention the Indian Fashion Garment exporter named on the same tab [8o|]

I opened it and saw the simple page and thought it was an estimation for modifications - how easy it is to be wrong, and how amiusing, thanks for pointing out the additional information guys!

There’s asking how something works, and there’s asking how to do something. This is the latter and Modris is right, it is the equivalent of asking the forums how you should do your modification. It would be quite different if you had started down a path of doing the modification, then encountered trouble and asked.

Posting an Excel file, that appears to be company confidential no less, with a bunch of worksheets and asking “How do I create this from NAV” is not the way to go. You are paid to design and build these solutions yourself. When you have questions you should go to your senior staff. When you don’t understand a SPECIFIC topic you can ask on the forums. I know it can be difficult to see the difference, but it’s one that you need to understand.

If someone else had made this exact post would you take the time to design the solution for them? I think the answer is no.

thank you all.

i will try removing the post nw! i have already started doing it in the different way which striked me when i was analysising and have got an green card for that!

Hi Shona,

I have now (per your own request) removed your post.

You have been a member here for about 2 months. Not enough time to go from a Navision beginner to an expert. But it should be enough time to learn the basic rules of how the Dynamics community works. Also enough time to figure out which forums to post to, but that is a different subject.

When you post here, then you should always remember that your fellow Dynamics community members basically also are your competitors. If they are not working for an end-user (which is only a smaller part here), then they work for another partner (or are freelancers - but that’s really the same. Even if they are not competitors in your local market, then they are still offering the exact same services as your own company. Never forget this, but it means that you should never upload files like you just did. Never get too specific, never mention customer names or exact identifiable information.

So you might ask why your competitors would help you? Why are anyone really helping here? The community works because you have a problem and other members like to help. Like some people like to solve cross word puzzles, then many Dynamics people like to solve Dynamics puzzles. And also because solving puzzles actually makes them learn a lot too. As you know the more you use your brain, the better it gets.

But what the community doesn’t want to do is to do your job for you. So it’s important that a post like the above shows that you have thought about how you would solve the problem and that you just have a few questions about to do it. Or that you have tried to solve it, but what you did didn’t work.

I’m looking forward to see a lot more posts from you, but asking and answering questions.

hi eric

thanks a lot. i will try my best to do what i can.

i really thought i had deleted the confidential sheets. but while uploading i uploaded the unedited version.

And thanks for notifify about it savatage.