Estimation of Implementation & Development project

I would like to know from those who have implemented projects in navision, Are there any guidelines to estimate shedule & efforts for an implentation & development project. How does one estimate efforts & shedule for navision related projects.

If you can undertake a needs analysis this will hopefully pinpoint the modifications that can then be specified and quoted for, this analysis will also give you answers to the requirements for modules and end users (will it be train the trainer or train all users?) and from here you can, using some gained experience, make an estimate at the first year cost of the project to teh end customer. The more information gathered, hopefully the more accurate you will be. I believe there is a Navision course offered on Sales techniques including the needs analysis side which I presume would help you better understand and be able to quote with a degree of assurance. Your NTR should be able to provide you with this. very thin answer as there are lots of permutations and considerations, but this would put you (hopefully) in teh right ballpark. Can you tell its not something I do? I leave that to the people who know! [:D]

Hi The navision on target methodology contains a lot of tools and templates to assist with planning an implementation. We have modified many of these tools to our needs (mainly simplifying the formats). Bear in mind that the more analysis and planning that is done at the start of the project, the easier and more cost effective the implementation will be. Whilst it’s tempting to make a start with the project, hold off until all team members are completely clear on what the project will entail, who will have responsibility for what and when each phase of the project will start and end. Talking of phases, you really need to break the whole project into a series of smaller more manageable phases. The project will then become less daunting and team members will not feel as though they are trying to eat a whole elephant in one sitting! Good Luck! A

Hello! I agree with mr. Alison, its always very important that sound analysis and planning is done, requirement elicitation and analysis is the phase that requires max of the project time…Implementation then is the easiest part for developers if backed up by a good design…The implementation needsto be divided into smaller manageable modules and thats where the role of a project manager and Team leader comes into focus…the most typical role…an experienced project manager can be the best the implementation team can rely upon… Regards,

Don’t forget the importance of active involvement by client personnel at all levels. The client must accept full joint responsibility for the success of the project. You, after all, are going to leave. They are going to remain and be the ones on whom the system depends and who are depending on the system. So no matter what you do right, if you don’t have active client participation and support, you will not succeed. Successful consultant-client projects are always a cooperative effort.

As said, the better analysing the better estimasion. Second, break the project down in small parts. Estimation on each task can be done this simpel way: What is the shortes time we belive it can be don in: A What is the time we think it can be don in: B What is the time in worst case: C Qoute the customer C * 5 [:D] No, there is plenty of books on this issue. The trick is that if the differense A - C is to large it will tell you that THIS project task is not describet good enough. So get more information on this task. Other ways is Function Points or CoCoMo. If you need it, I can get you some more information on this issue. Best regards Per

This is an interesting topic why? If the issue is to estimate for Minor/Medium customizations during the implementation of the Project, a thorough study & analysis can be done. But If a Project(Full implementation) needs to be quoted, apart from License Cost, the implementation cost needs to be estimated before undertaking a project(Basically quotation). I understand that even for the second case, a study & analysis needs to be done, but many things crop-up(scope creep) during the next phases. So, how do u estimate the cost considering that the above is possible? Ideas are welcome.

Hi All, As far as I know this largely depends upon the size also.But 1-2 ways to cope this are: 1) A paid diagnostic study, Which takes care of each & everything, Smaalest details.SO the agreement is almost perfact & this doesn’t leave much scope for cost revisions or anything else that creeps up after signoff. 2) In the agreement itself it is mentioned that: The points which have not been included in the agreement, Yet are found to be necessary to be done in the implementation( LAst minute customizations) will be done by us on this this daily rates.IF agreed by the client.) I recommend the 2nd way if it is done taking the client inconfidance than it works out better. Regards, DD