Estimation and Costing

Dear Admin,

I am joining a retail company as their IT Manager. Nav is new to me. But with a lot of features and ease of use, I believe nav is worth investing in. What i would like to know about is its implementation process. I have questions bulleted out. Kindly reply to me if possible

1.) Should we go for starter pack of NAV + POS? (

2.) Is bulk operations possible in NAV? by this i mean to upload purchase orders, modify prices, Add New Items in Bulk?

With my little research i know that Dynamics GP + RMS is suitable for bigger organizations.?

Awaiting your reply


Hi Deepu,

First of all let me start by saying that if your research told you that Dynamics GP compared to Dynamics NAV is more suitable for bigger organizations, then your research is wrong. Both GP and NAV are targeted to smaller companies and I would say that NAV scales much higher than GP. Personally I have implemented NAV systems with up to 3000-4000 users world-wide. But in general they target the SMB (small-midsize businesses) up to about 100 users. If you want a system for a larger company Microsoft would recommend Dynamics AX.

I can’t say if you should go for a starter pack and POS, as it really depends on your company’s requirement. Also there are different add-ons when it comes to a POS system, which is suitable for your company depends on many different things.

Bulk operations are possible, but as different companies understand different things with this, then I can’t say if that’s exactly what you need.

Implementing Dynamics NAV is quite easy. You have a so-called RapidStart tool available, which allows you to easily setup the system and import master data in Excel format. But I’ll still suggest that you use a specialized NAV implementation consultant to assist you, getting all the different options setup correctly for your company.

If you haven’t actually seen the system so far, then I’ll recommend that you contact a local Dynamics NAV partner/reseller, who has proven experience in your specific industry who will be able to give you a full presentation. Not all partners have experience with POS and retail systems and it is important that you find one who has, if your implementation should go quick and unproblematic.

Hello Ernst,

Thankyou very much for your reply.

First of all, let me apologize for replying back to you this late. I was caught up really busy with the NAV & Hardware setup required the company. We have chosen our implementation partner after reveiwing them and went for LS retail with Nav 2013 Starter pack. Your advise indeed help me in selecting the best solution.

Now iam struck with another probelm and that is with the selection process of the required hardware. Since we are the first retail company in the UAE to have deployed NAV 2013. If you do have any hardware solution that i can go ahead with , please share it with me so that i can conclude it and go ahead quicker. I have been conducting discussions with a lot of companies ranging from highends to medium/lower ends. The requoirement spec of NAV 2013 is just minimal information only.

We are looking at atleast 15 stores with average of 250 transactions perday with atleast 15 line items on each transaction per day.based on one of the hardware guy this would atleast creat 15~20 GB of Data on the database per year/store.

Moreover we will be having atleast a mimimum of 6 concurrent users to start with.

Awaiting your reply

regards, Deepu