Estimated Deployment cost - NAV & AX


I would like to know estimated cost of deployment for NAV and AX both including licensing and everything from scratch in INDIA for client having approx 30 end users and mobile and web access are also required.



I think if you budget somewhere between $100,000 and $10,000,000 you should be pretty safe.

Okay. Thanks for your reply.

I need estimate item-wise so that I can show it to my client at the time of Demo.



Please contact your Local microsoft office more details…

OK. Any contact info for local Microsoft contact for INDIA,

It would be very much helpful for me if you provide me a basic rough estimate ?

From the information you are providing it is not possible to give an estimate that anyone would recommend to present to a potential customer. You need to do a proper analysis of the customers business needs in order to do so. I recommend you to look at a project methology like f.ex. Surestep.

The link above show you the MS offices in India.

I already did give you a rough estimate. Based on the information you gave this is about as accurate an estimate as you can get.