Eship / UPS 2005 Rates / Code Changes

Whenever a a UPS rate change occurs we import the new data using a dataport. All part of Eship - really easy. Now my Provider is telling us they need to modify a table/form & codeunit to work with the new 2005 rates. I have not heard anything about this. Are they just trying to bill me for an hour of work? Has anyone else heard about this? Thanks…

We have the same issue. They are adding two new surcharges for air and ground fuel costs on table UPS Shipping Agent Account. I haven’t really looked into it further our NSC supposed to be doing the work over the weekend. [8D] I do know that portions of the update are incompatible because our E-ship version is so old. The odd thing here is that the ground surcharge will work but not the air charge. Granted its been awhile since I looked at the detail behind our e-ship but I do not know why it was not implemented similar to the other accessorial charges for UPS.

Isnt E-ship wonderfull. Actually I do think it is a good add-on. However it is constently being updated. I would suggest requesting your NSC keep you posted on version changes and periodically scheduling upgrades to the current version. In the past, Lanham has offered to NSC to upgrade the end-users’s objects at a very reasonable cost. And I have been pleased with the work when using this service. The fuel surcharge was added in version SE029.46. At this time the existing surcharge field was renamed to Air Fuel Surcharge. I am using a version SE029.18 and was able to import the 2005 rates without any problems since the new field was added at the end of the record.

I wrote to soon. The fuel surcharge was added to the UPS Shipping Account table, which is not part of the UPS rate import. Unless I missed something, the dataport used the following tables E-Ship Agent Service UPS Shipping Zone Chart UPS Shipping Rate Chart UPS HundredWeight Service UPS Shipping Zone UPS Accessorial Charge UPS Routing Shipping Agent

Scott, Current version of UPS service and rates dataport is SE0.29.20 (issued Dec. 19, 2003). If you use SE0.29.18 your calculations could be wrong. Best regards Karl

Karl, Thanks for the tip.