Errors when switching between languages in 4.00


I have experienced a problem when swiching between laguages(English/Norwegian) in Navision 4.00. The error occures after customizations on objects in the database.

I try to open a customized object from the Object Designer and get the error: Shortcutkey can not be DEL. If I swich back to the other langauage I can open the object. There are no shortcut keys made for this object, and I have checked that all new fields have Caption ML set.

Is it something I have done(or rather not done) or is this some kind of bug from Microsoft? Could the reason to this problem be that I have made customizations when the language was Norwegian and that Navision needs it to be set to English? Does anyone know if there is anyway to fix this, or what I should do to avoid this in the future?



I would say that the issue could relate to you developing in Norweigan. Basically you want to stick with English and only add foreign languages to the ML Calption.

First question is there some relations ship between DEL and the Norweigan word for Delete.

My first suggestion is that if you know which object is causeing the problem, then export it as text, adn fix the languge issues there.

One likely thing to look for is a Norweigan character that you have used that may be interpreted as white space or maybe + in a short cut somewhere.

I would say that the issue could relate to you developing in Norweigan. Basically you want to stick with English and only add foreign languages to the ML Calption.

We develop completly in German without any problems. I think this is not the problem.
(But of cause: German is not Norweigan …)

I know people that smoke cigarettes all their life, and live to be 90, but that does not mean that smoking all your life will make you live to 90 [;)]

Basically its all a game of odds. One day you will get a term that clashes, and have the same problem. Or maybe you use your system ONLY in German and don’t switch to English, so have never encountered the problem. To my thinking its just easier to follow the rules. You never know one day your client may come to you and say "Hey we want to buy the english language module for our system, and without consulting you the sales person will say “yeah no problem”.

I know that if you work locally its hard to see the logic behind developing in English, but one day it will bite you. (Or maybe you will be lucky) [:D]

Hi David,

and thanks for your reply. There are no shortcut Key and there are no relations between DEL and the Norwegian word for Delete. So I’ll take your advise on exporting the objects as text and from now on always do the development in English.



Hi David,

all our SourceCode and all Object- and Fieldnames are English. So there’s no problem with English-Captions or special chars. But in addition we see the German-Captions in the programm. This reduces the chance to forget a CaptionML-Tag. I think this is a big benefit because most of our Customers are german and so we developers learn to use the english terms (for sources) and the german terms (for support).


Ah I understand now. Well that is the correct procedure, but your post sounded like you ignore the ML captions, and just put German text into the normal code and field names etc. Its sounds like we are both in agreement here. [<:o)]

What I see as an issue is where developers put captions in a native language, instead of English.

Dina there may be some confusion here, so let me clarify.

I am suggesting to exprt as text this one object just so you can try to find if there is some reasonthe DEL is being interpreted like this, its not necessary all the time, just for this fix. Secondly, I don’t think it mattes which language you when doing your development, but its important that all Cpations are in English,a dn follow the Navision Guide Lines (see the style guide on the CD). Then use ML captions for all your foreign language texts.

Another possibility could be a mapping issue betweent he delete charachter and a Norwegian character, (I guess you are using CP 850). But this does not make sense, since DEL is char 127, and extending that would give 255 which is a blank nothing. Though maybe you have a shortcut that is not <> but infact char(255) which Navision for somereason thinks is 127.

But there don’t seem to be any Nowegian characters that clash with Del.

Yes, there has been some confusions here… I guess my brain is still on sommer vacation… Thank you for explaining this properlyl for me :wink: We are using CP 865 so I will check that out.



Dina, sorry for confusing you.Do let us know if it all works out. And please if you feel the issue is resolved, then slect the TOPIC STATUS as RESOLVED, adn give the post a star rating.


That is bug in NAV 4.00. Corrected in SP2+update1. We had similar problems when using Czech language in client when developing.

Kamil thanks for that. For reference, where was the error, is it in the exes or the STX or language files?

Thank you for this information, Kine. But I am also wondering where the bug was. Is there a hot fix I can use or do I need to do the whole upgrade to fix this?