Errors messages in dataport

My client has a very simple dataport, that updates the unit price in the Item table. the price is then validated. They get an error code 4 im module 42 when running the dataport. The number of records seems to vary before the error. They have tested against varying number of records, but the maximun that are sucessful (before the error message) is 11 - the lowest is 2. Client is using 2.60D advanced distribution. Can anyone offer any suggestions. thanks.

This error means “Format Destination Too Small”. Perhaps you try to import a Itemnumber larger than 20 chr.

All the item numbers are smaller than 20 characters. Additionally, the dataport works correctly in my test database. the error only occurs on the clients test and live databases. Are there any suggestions. thanks…

It is an “undocumented feature” that the box which shows the progress while the dataport is doing its job, cannot show more than 80 characters. Check which fields are used to show the progress (good chance for troubles is the item description) and make sure these are not over 80 chars. John

Thanks John, I am aware of the limitation of having a maximun length of 80 characters and have worked around this limitation in other situations. However,in this particular dataport the item description is not one of the input fileds, so this should not have have any impact on the valid fields being imported. By breaking the file into smaller sections… on a trial and error basis (sometimes 12 lines are sucessful, other times only 2 lines are sucessful), all items can me loaded. - but not from one large file. Any other suggestions would be welcomed.

It depends on how you are writing the dataport. Using Autoupdate and Autoinsert can be troublesome. Id always suggest turning those off and doing this: — Dataport is based on Item table with two fields, No. and Unit Price. Item2: record Item — OnAfterImportRecord: IF Item2.GET(“No.”) THEN BEGIN Item2.VALIDATE(“Unit Price”,“Unit Price”); Item2.MODIFY(TRUE); END; If there really is an issue with length of data, then check if the data is from excel where it may show as having rounded value, but in the data file that has been exported in csv format, the numbers may be very long. Craig Bradney Technical Manager Navision Solutions & Services, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu