Errors in Credti Memo

I have Navision 3.1

the total amount of sales is different between trial balance Report (ID:6) when I use G/L Account No. Filter (I specify only Sales Accounts) & the report no. 712 ( Inventory - Sales Statistics),

the Problem Exist in Posting of Creidt Memo that is Created by using Copy Document Function & Apply To Doc.( the program posts Correct Amount to G/L Entry (ID: 17) But posts Incorrect Amount To Value Entry (ID: 5802).

the program posts Sales Amount that is existed in Invoice-Credit Memo to G/L Entry, and Cost Amount to Value Entries to Amount Filed .

but the true . the the program must posts Sales Amount that is existed in Invoice-Credit Memo to G/L Entry and the same Amount to Value entries to Amount Filed.

please, any one able to solve this problem or explain why the program doing that.please provide me about taht


thank you,


So if you go to the posted credit memo and navigate to the GL transactions you are saying the total here is posting out of balance? I cannot remember where the cost side is posted in that version, or how 3.1 handles the ledger entries. I suggest you take a test database, process one with no transactions on the day, update adjust cost item and then look at the net change movement in the day on the GL.

I can see nothing on the knowledgbase after a quick look, and feel something of this magnitude would be seen.

Therefore ignore the inventory sales statistics report, this report has numerous issues depending upon what you are trying to do, there have certainly been errors in it regarding credit memos. Check the GL is correct, I believe it will be, and it is the report, and your subsequent interpretation that is the issue. That said I presume this area is modification free? [:D]

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thank you for reply me,

but I would explain, i went to Posted Sales Credit Memo and pressed on Navigate, The G/L Entry it is Correct, While Value Entry Table It is Incorrect, so Inventory - sales Statisics also incorrect.

thank you again.

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I suggest that if your version of the software is creating incorrect value entries whilst posting correct ledger entries you quickly contact your support partner. I do not believe this is a standard issue of the version, and it is very difficult to commet on a general issue like this without access to the software to see what is happening, although if this was an error in the standard release it should be easily resoved by a known hotfix or patch from your partner.

As a matter of interest what is the sales amount on the item ledger entry? What is the sales amount on the value entry?

when you use Apply to Doc. in Sales- Credit Memo, the program will copy the Amount that is exist in Applied sales order, so this Amount will be posted to G/L Entry & Value Entry when you post that Sales- Credit Memo.

but now the program, only posts this Amount to G/L Entry, and Posts diffrent Amount to Value Entry.

I read About Error on Standard Navision , I think that Error related with the problem I face It.

{A47) Wrong Value Entry Relation Entries


When posting a Sales Order (Drop Shipment) before posting the receive in the Purchase

Order manually the Value Entry Relation would become incorrect.

This has been corrected

Codeunit 22 Item Jnl.-Post Line**}**


This is not related to your described issue I believe. A drop shipment is a specific outbound transaction related to the purchase order where the goods go direct from the supplier to the customer, this is a hard relationship that causes numerous issues depending upon the status of the shipment when an error is discovered. Naturally it would do not harm to get your system patched to this level, but I do not believe it is related to your issue.

You never said what the amount field values were in the ILE and VLE.

You also never mentioned if you have any modifications in this area.