Errors faced during validation while submitting app on App Source

We are submitting the our app on Microsoft App Source. We have also included automated test codeunits in the app. We keep getting validation errors like,

  1. Failed tasks: The extension ‘XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX’ failed validation for version 18.0 and country/region US.
  2. A package with publisher ‘Microsoft’, name ‘Test Runner’, and a version compatible with ‘19.1.31886.33638’ could not be found.
  3. Error AVS0005: A package with publisher ‘Microsoft’, name ‘Tests-TestLibraries’, and a version compatible with ‘19.1.31886.33638’ could not be found.
  4. The event ‘OnCodeOnBeforeFindGenJnlBatch’ is not found in the target codeunit XXXXXX

By the looks of it, the first three points to libraries not found. I thought that test toolkit should be included in the docker container on which this validation is running. Fourth one is quite curious to me. It seems that we are missing some key references to main app file.

We are kind of stuck. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

For the first error it looks like your app is developed for version 18. Current version is now 19.2 so i think you must assure that your app can run on version 19.xx and then try to resubmit it,

@IngeB Thanks for the suggestion. Will be posting the update here.