errors exploring the web site of commerce portal

Hello, I´m new at Commerce Portal. I´ve installed Commerce Portal 2.65 with Navision Financials Client and Server 2.65 and NAS 2.65. The installation was successfull and the unpacking of the site was good. But when I explore the site the next error ocurrs: Error de Microsoft VBScript en tiempo de ejecución (0x800A01A8) Se requiere un objeto: ‘Application(…)’ /ncpi/include/properties.asp, line 26 I suppose that the problem is in the synchronisation with SQL server. I´ve tried to configure the commerce portal and there is a tag named Data sourde ODBC and I´ve tried to fill it either with the sql server name or with ODBC name that I use. Also if I execute the order of force synchronisation and I don´t receive any error message. But the tables don´t appear in the databse of the site in SQL server. Please, if someone has any idea about this problem, tell me about it. Thank you.

You’re propably right stating that the problem lies in the synchronisation. In Navision 2.65 I thought you should fill in the name of the SQL server, the database, and a user that has rights to write data to the specified database.\ Also check if the “Navision Commerce Portal Synchonisation”-service is running. Then you should do a full synchronisation in Navision.

Thank you Vincent, the problem was in connect string for the SQL Server