Hey all, i’ve already posted this in the german forum, but didn’t get an answer yet. So my hope is up to you… when i try to compile my current report i always get the error message THIS MAY NOT BE THE FIRST WORD OF AN INSTRUCTION (i had to translate that, so i hope i did it right). Whatever i comment out in the report the error message keeps on bothering me. But: what is meant with an instruction ? a line of code ? A function ? A Variable ? For the cursor isn’t placed at the error i have no idea where to search for… Stefan Weinreich Billing Analyst

For questions on programming better post to the “Developer Forum”. Btw, there are already two answers on your thread in the german forum - you should give the other members a little more time than 90 Minutes :wink:

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This Errormessage is shown often because of simple mistakes:

  • Forgot a ; in a Line
  • Forgot a ( or )
  • Check for boolean a := b instead of a = b
  • Assign value a = b instead a := b

  • Found anything like this? I’m sure you will Best regards, Jörg Joerg A. Stryk Apollo-Optik, IT/ERP

Hi Stefan, The exact error message is THIS MUST NOT BE THE FIRST WORD IN A SENTENCE. The error you are getting is because of / (single slash) instead of // (double slash) while commenting the line in Navision.Please use // (double slash) for line comment in Navision. Good luck.