Error "You must set all coverage planned dimensions before you can define minimum and maximum inventory."

Dear All,

I found this error “You must set all coverage planned dimensions before you can define minimum and maximum inventory.”

when setting item coverage wizard in an item.

Did i miss something ?

I’m using ax 2009.

thanks in advance

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You must select all the dimensions for the item that you want to set up the item coverage settings.

EX: size,color,configuration and site,warehouse

As defined by the dimension group set against the item and the item coverage flag being ticked.

Dear all seniors

I’ve already ticked the coverage planning in inventory dimension.

But still get the same error

Whatever the inventory dimensions that you ticked the “coverage planning” must be specified while setting up Item coverage settings.

Just try without using the wizard.

Create new line and do the setups, make sure to specify the dimensions in the “Dimension tab”

Hi seniors,

already solve, i forgot to set the minimum and maximum key if i using the min/max coverage code.

Another question about safety stock, when i try to run the proposal in safety stock journal, the new minimum always propose 0.

Does any one know why.

Thanks in advance

Safety stock will be 0 with no usage. After bringing the lines in have you actually run the proposal then? What parameters did you set - average issues x factor, service level etc?


Do you mean that is the item never has issue transaction, it won’t generate the minimum ?

Thanks in advance

I would argue the suggestion based upon historical usage should be zero [:D]

What parameters are you setting when you are suggestion the new minimum? So if you select service level and input a % the calculation would mean it would not be zero (I would guess) but you would need to try it. I would say if you have a lead time of 5 days and have not used it in the 3 month historical cycle (I prefer longer as 3 months are insufficient in my opinion) then having a “proposed” minimum of 0 is a fair proposal.


I use average issues x factor

So if your average issues in the period are 0 or your factor is 0 then by the math the suggested minimum cannot be anything but 0 [:D]