Error with real values having above 9 zero's

Hi, I just came through an Axapta error that is messing up my calculations with big numbers. E.g. the following ecuation seems to be all right in Axapta: 288,008*14,500= - 118,851,296.00 !!! I really don’t understand how can a negative value be the result of multiplying positive numbers! It could be a rounding problem, but the Axp. dev.'s guide ensure us that The range of reals is ] -(10)127 ; (10) 127 [, with a precision of 16 significant digits. The smallest numeric value the real data type can hold is (1)-127.. The result above should be 4,176,116,000 (having only 10 significant digits, so below the 16 margin). Had anyone else got the same problem? Regards, Ciprian

I clear up with this and sortly the idea is that Axapta interprets the 2 operands as integers, then makes multiplication of them and the result is also considered as integer. Since the operation result is bigger than integer’s up limit (2.147.483.647), an overflow error occurs. Thanks, Ciprian