Error with Pro Forma


I would like to ask for help with an error I am having when trying to generate a pro forma footnote. I am using Ax 2009 and follow the following path:

*** I’m in Brazil, so the screens will be in Portuguese ***

Purchasing / Receiving > Details of the Purchase Order;

I select my purchase order and click on ‘Pro forma’, select ‘Invoice’;


At the launch of the invoice screen, open the ‘Configuration’ tab and click on ‘Tax Reference’;

On Screen Fiscal Reference ‘, click the’ Invoice 'button;

Following, open the flap and vendor I select the desired record, save and click on ‘OK’ following, and click on ‘OK’ on the other screens to finish the process2402.5.PNG.


However, the end of the process displays the following error:


"the update was not specified

updating the purchase order (PO) has been canceled"

Am I missing some procedure during the process? What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for the help!

Please choose Print Invoice befor click OK

i know this is since 2014 but No one answered