Error while we run the report..


I am gettin an error while we run the report in the object designer.

The error is, “The QC - Incoming/Samples table does not have an active key that starts with the following field or fields : Item No…” . Can i hav a solutoin for this from anyone…

Hi divya,

There could be two reasons,

  1. Your report is using the “QC-Incoming/Samples” dataitem and the key in the DataItemTableView(dataitem->properties->DataitemTableView->Key) is set to a key which either inactive or not present.

  2. Setcurrentkey command has been used for the record "QC-Incoming/Samples " somewhere in your report for the above mentioned key

In either case find out the key used in your report and goto table “QC-Incoming/Samples table” and set the key (view->Keys). If it is already present then check if enabled field is selected.

Hope this helps…



Hey Sid,

Thank u so much… Its working very fine :slight_smile: The error was due to ur first reason.