Error while Viewing "Posted Sales Shipment"-Report

Hello Folks,

I have an Error while Trying to Preview “Posted Sales Shipment” and it says

" The Delivery Note-New report does not have a DataItem that uses in the Table (Table 110 Sales Shipment Header) specified in the function setTable View"

It’s a Modified report, I had a look in Designer Mode-Data Item-Sales Header-Properties. Then I saw the following: DataItemTable = Sales Header.

I thought it should have been “DataItemTable = Sales Shipment Header” so i changed it accordingly.

when I tried to save it, I got a Error message. "A’)’ is Missing in TableView.

Can some one tell me how do I fix this??? I’m not a Technical Consultant so I have no clue to fix the Error.

Thanks in Advance!!

If you mean modified R208 - it uses Sales Shipment Header/Lines + many Integer’s for looping/totaling.

But, if I understood your post correctly, it looks like some syntax error or so… DataItemTableView is for “the key, sort order and filter for this data item”, seemingly you have an error there…

Thanks Modris, I will take this to our Technical Support.