Error while validating RDL Content

I am getting this error while saving a report. Can anyone please tell me why this error occurs and how to solve it…


error while validating RDL content:

The Value expression for the textbox ‘HeaderInfo’ refer to the field

‘Transfer_Header__Shipment_Method_code_Caption’. Report Item

expressions can only refer to fields within the current data set scope or,

if inside an aggregate, the specified data set scope.



Did you delete any text boxes in classic?

what modifications you have done in rdlc and where?

If you delete a textbox in the CC report layout the corresponding control in the RDLC layout still exists. That gives you the error.

If you also delete the textbox from the RDLC layout the error should go away.

This error i always get when working with microsoft dynamics sql option! it is very disturbing! who has found a solution to it? please help!!


With the current RDLC layout for NAV 2009, the issue with this error is you are deleting a field in the Classic Section designer, and NOT deleting the field in the RDLC in visual studio. As mentioned above in a post, deleting a field from the Section of the report does NOT remove it from the RDLC, so you need to also go to the Layout, in Visual Studio, and remove the field. It is easiest to not remove any fields from the Section designer, and then you won’t have this issue. Also, with NAV 2013 going forward you will no longer have this issue as the Section designer is no longer available, as the Classic Reports go away and a new Page is used to set up your dataitems and fields. For now though, you have to be careful what you remove in the Section as to not create the error message in this post. You can also Export the report out to a Text format, and look at the RDLC section which is at the bottom of the exported Text object, and remove the field, and then Import the report back in, but be very careful doing it this way as to not break the formatting of the xml.