Error while Un-applying vendor ledger entries


My client is facing a trouble while un-applying vendor ledger entries.He created a payment of 46000 using Payment journal(Document Type=‘Payment’). After that, he created an invoice of -44000 using Purchase journal(Document Type=Blank), document No. say Invoice001 and applied both, again he created a new invoice of -2100(Document Type=Blank) with same doc no as previous ie Invoice001and applied with payment. Now, payment and Ist invoice are closed. I amn’t sure whether client posted the both invoices at same time or not. Transaction no. also same in both the invoices. Now, when he tried to un-apply these. System throws error saying “Before you can un-apply this entry, you must first un-apply all application entries in Vendor Ledger Entry No. zzzzzz that were posted after this entry.” I tried to replicate the issue in my local database but in my case transaction no. is different for both the invoices.

Nav DB version : Navision 2009 W1.

Can anyone help.

Have you tried to unapply one document at the time, in the reverse order it was created?

Hi Erik,

Thanks for reply.

Yes, I tried with greater entry no. first but system throws the same error.

Update : User posted one purchase journal with two lines.

I replicate the same in Nav 2009 W1 standard database, here two transaction no.'s generated. I manually change the transaction no in G/L, VLE and DVLE and tried to un-apply and got the same error. So, question is, how transaction same for two invoice lines for user.