Error while transforming MenuSuite

Dear All

I Got One Error Msg,Given Below While Compiling the Transformed menuSuite.I can Easily Transformed the MenuSuite,But Last During Compilation I Got The below Error Msg.

menusuite is 1090 Dept-Company

Plz Help…

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic

A MenuSuite for the RoleTailored client supports the following types:

Table, Report, Codeunit, XMLport, and Page.


It sounds like your menusuite have a reference to an unsupported object, such as a form or a dataport.

Thanks Erik

But How Can I Identify the Unsupported Reports and Forms.

From Where I can delete these objects?

Hi Redrose!

Same problem here with the same menu suite (data migration from 2009 to 2015). How did you manage to solve it?

Thanks in advance.


I managed to solve it: for whatever reason Table are not supported. Happy new year!