Error While taking backup in Navision 4.0 sp3 (With sql)

i have the following error while taking backup

any idea?3441.untitled.bmp (1.19 MB)

There are posts existing with this error already…


So try by running a processonly report with Fixed Asset as dataitem and below code in OnAfterGetrecord

“No.” := UPPERCASE(“No.”);

i create the report but still giving same error

Can you be more clear what you did?

i create a process only report

DataItem fixed Asset

on aftergetrecord i write the following code

“No.” := UPPERCASE(“No.”);

Did you run that report?

yes i did, and i try to take backup and i still have the same error

Is it still showing the Key fields as No. or other field?

1205.untitled.bmp (965 KB)

May be someother field has lower case values and showing primary key field in error…

Run the table from Object desginer and press Page Down until the error message pops and what is the error message?

Mohana, this code wont actually do anything.

Because Its a Primary Key [|-)]

Sorry Sorry…


go into File → Database → Alter → Collation tab

untick the boxes for VALIDATE CODE PAGE and CASE SENSITIVE and ACCENT SENSITIVE. Then see if you can make a backup. This is not a solution, but it will help identify the extent of the problem. Tick those boxes back as they were when you have finished.

Case conversion is just ONE OF MANY reasons for this error, it could be others.

is there other solution, i can take a risk to change the collation of the database maybe the data will be affected

can you advice please