Error while starting the AX2012 service -The database servername\MicrosoftDynamicsAX_model is not recognized as a model store

Dear Experts,

I need help in resolving the mentioned error and access the application successfully.

Installed AX2012 R2 and downloaded both the database and database_model bak files and restored them. When I try starting the service it’s not starting. Event viewer shows the below error message.

The database servername\MicrosoftDynamicsAX_model is not recognized as a model store

I appreciate your help

Verify the AX Server config whether you’ve assigned the correct Model DB to BaselineDatabseName refer here.

You would have to adjust the DB to work, especially granting correct permissions to your AOS service account. Doing it manually is not recommended - you should reinstall your AOS (and nothing else) and choose the restored DB during installation.

Hi Vishal and Martin,

Thanks for your reply. I tried re-installing the AOS by specifying the restored databases but this time AOS not getting installed and event viewer shows the below message.

Fatal SQL condition during login. error:“The internal time zone version number stored in the database is higher than the version supported by the kernel (4/2). Use a newer Microsoft Dynamics AX kernel.”

your help is highly appreciated.

It seems that the DB is from a newer version than you’re installing. For example, you’re installing AX2012 R2 but your DB is AX2012 R2 CU7. Extend your installation files to include necessary hotfixes, as described in Include cumulative updates and hotfixes in a new installation.

Or you could install AX2012 with New database, once after the installation, Can update the AX Appl by running CU7. and finally you can attach the required DB from your Server connfig.

No, that wouldn’t help, because AX installer would set appropriate permissions to the new database, not to the database attached later. He would be back where he started.

Yes, but assigning the appropriate permissions to DB’s would resolve the case. RestoreDB would help.

Thanks vishal and Martin,

I went with the option of CU7 update on R2 installation.

Martin, I thought of trying the way specified by you if the above step fails. I will update you guys if something goes wrong.


I landed into the same problem where the model store database went unrecognized.

I read this blog and it was helpful.

All i did was, open SQL, goto Security–Login and select the AOS account and in properties provided the highest permissions for Server roles and user mappings.

And then there after, Life is beautiful!