Error While saving notes and Link If the permission is not super

Hello Everyone,

Actually, There is a user which is not having super rights .when user is saving notes and Link an unknown error occurring.

If the user having super permission then that user can save the link.

Please let me know which permission to be assign for the end user so that user could save the link . I have checked in that table

also Table 2000000068 (Record Link) in basic permission set it is already assigned.

Please Find Screen shot6237.Error.PNG

So I assume that the user is also not able to save links to a record?

But be aware that the record link table is not connected to a specific company. So the user needs the access to record link table without a specified company.

Hi Erik

I ran into the same issue (NAV 2013R2). I went ahead and assigned the the basic role which has the Record Links table to user with no specified company and we are still getting the same error.

As of last week, all users could add notes and links and the basic role was company specific. We have not made any changes to NAV since last week and just don’t know what changed that we cannot add notes.

did someone change the permissions on sql server side?

No, No permissions were changed