Error while running Job Scheduler


My client received an error while running Job Scheduler in NAV 4.0 SP3

"Before you can perform printer-related tasks,you need to install a printer".

Any solutions please.

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NAS runs as a Windows user. It just needed to be sure that user was configured with a default printer on that computer.

Check it out.

Thanks Amol Sir,

But does Job Scheduler run through NAS on Navision 4.0 sp3…?

Yes it runs through NAS on 4.0 sp3…

Yes it is…

Sorry for the late reply.

But I want to know how and where can I check that Windows User used for NAS is configured with default printer on that computer…?

Please help.

FYI: NAS is also a client which does not have user interaction.

you might be running report through Job Schedular.In order to achive your goal in the Screen Administration->Printer Selection required Report and it’s target Printer will be mentioned.

Check that specified printer is still in printers list for that specific user or not.

I hope it might help you.

Go to nas services and log on tab there u can find the windows user that nas uses… and then u cna use the default printer for that user.

Thanks for the reply to all.

But If the Job scheduler report does not print anything and it is a processing-only report, in that case is this error possible…??

it depends upon what kind of process your report is doing… ideally it shud not through printer related error…

but could you please post your error message that helps us a lot to understand this.


Hello All,

My client still facing this problem for Job Scheduler Reports. So,now I made each related reports ‘Processing Only’.

I just want to know that apart from NAS, is there any other way to run Job Scheduler because I did not find any NAS services for this Navision 4.0 on my client’s server. Also there were no Windows Login in Navision Application. So, I am finding it difficult to understand that how they are running the Job Scheduler…?

My client is facing this error from last two month. Earlier the scheduler was running fine.

Please suggest some solution.


Hi All,

Please suggest some solution to my above questions.

Thank You.

I hope you have tried the solution given by forum members …